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What is EMS Planner?
  EMS Planner offers affordable, tailored for groups, online scheduling accessible by members anywhere internet access is available. If you want scheduling to be easier and more efficient for your group, company, squad, team, etc. then EMS Planner is for you.

Do I need to install anything?
  No installation is required. is completely online, so any invited member can access the website anywhere an internet connection is available. It's NOT a program or application so you DO NOT need to pay cumbersome fees to install on additional member's computer in order for members to access the schedule.

What is the benefit of using EMS Planner over other scheduling methods?
  You would end up paying a private website designer anywhere from $200-$1000 (not including if you need to have it updated, fixed, or managed), a separate domain for $10 a year and $70-100 a month for a dedicated server.

In addition, by having the website completely online, many paperwork headaches are relieved.

What if my schedule is already online?
  Our scheduling service is user-friendly and interactive. Using our setup wizard is a breeze as well. Other scheduling programs rely solely on the administrator to update the schedule. You won't need to worry about updating information with because an administrator approves/denies shifts that people sign up for. This automatically updates the schedule.

Do I need to know or be certified in web programming language?
  You don't need to know C++, HTML, or any programming language for that matter! You simply need internet access and a mouse. Why is that important? The incoming scheduler won't have to be computer savvy to continue scheduling for your company.

Can I try EMS Planner first?
  Of course! Click here to play around in our Sample Squad and see what our service is all about.

If you're convinced, click here to sign up your squad for a free 90 day trial of our premium service. After 90 days, you have the option of continuing with the premium service for $1000 a year or downgrading to basic for $800 a year. A comparison of our basic and premium packages can be found here.

We do all the updating, improvement, and fixing (outside of scheduling, because that's your job). No hidden or surprise fees to buy new editions, like a software company would charge.

I have more questions...
  Please feel free to visit our contact page and email the appropriate department.

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